I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2010 helping small business owners plan and execute their marketing. Helping other entrepreneurs connect with future clients and solve communication issues was very rewarding. I soon discovered, however, that my clients had problems I couldn’t solve with great marketing alone.

The next step in my journey came in 2014 when I found what I had been missing. I contracted to do the marketing for EOS Implementer and EOSWW co-founder, Don Tinney. While I captured his clients’ transformational stories he trained and mentored me in what it took to run a great entrepreneurial organization using EOS. It was then that I discovered what all my previous clients had actually needed.

The tipping point for me came it 2018 when I transitioned from marketing into a general manager position at a startup. I was tasked with building the EOS tools into the organization even while it found its footing. This was the catalyst that crystalized in my mind that helping entrepreneurs master the EOS tools so they can live their ideal lives was my true calling passion.

Through this journey I’ve worked in or alongside the leadership teams of 3 EOS-run businesses ranging from 5 to 500 employees. I've experienced what it's like to build the EOS tools into an organization while running it. Living the EOS Life is a joy for me professionally and I've even implemented a few of the tools into the way that my wife and I are managing our home and raising our 5 children.

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