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I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2010 helping small business owners plan and execute their marketing. Helping other entrepreneurs connect with future clients and solve communication issues was very rewarding. I soon discovered, however, that my clients had problems I couldn’t solve with great marketing alone.

The next step in my journey came in 2014 when I contracted to do the marketing for EOS Implementer and EOS Worldwide co-founder, Don Tinney. While I captured his clients’ transformational stories I learned how Don & EOS were helping his clients solve issues in all areas of their businesses. It was then that I discovered what all my previous clients had actually needed. So at that time Don began training and mentoring me in what it took to run a great entrepreneurial organization using EOS. 

As a result of that mentoring I accepted a general manager/integrator position at a startup in 2018. I was tasked with building the EOS tools into the organization even while it found its footing. This was an amazing experience that crystalized in my mind that helping entrepreneurs master the EOS tools so they can live their ideal lives was my true calling & passion. 

Through this journey I’ve worked in or alongside the leadership teams of EOS-run businesses ranging from 5 to 500 employees. I've experienced what it's like to build the EOS tools into an organization while running it. Living the EOS Life is a joy for me professionally and I've even implemented a few of the tools into the way that my wife and I are managing our home and raising our 5 children.



What David's Clients Are Saying

RyanBoende, Sackett's Flooring

Ryan Boender

Integrator, Sackett's Flooring Solutions

“Change isn’t an easy thing for any company, but David made implementing EOS for our company very straightforward and simple. He cares about the success of his clients and has always been available to help us whenever we needed him. I know David will be a life-long asset to our company as we continue to grow and master EOS.”

Justin Van Effen, Halyard

Justin Van Effen

Integrator at Halyard

“David and EOS have been a major relief for me! I was burning the candle at both ends, using trial & error techniques to be everything to everyone. EOS has given us the framework for how things should function. David created a safe atmosphere of open, honest, blunt communication where everyone is accountable and functions for the greater good of the company. He’s helped me personally realize that letting go (of the vine) enables my team to increase their potential… and it even gives me a little time for myself and my family. THANKS DAVID!”

David Waymire

David Waymire

Visionary at Martin Waymire

“David is a consummate facilitator. He asks the right questions to help us think through knotty problems, expand our solution set, and make sure we are on course to another successful year. What else would you want?”


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