David Sullivan - CircleMy passion for helping small businesses grew out of a desire to help my entrepreneurial friends. They were getting by but didn't feel like they were thriving.  With an education in marketing and experience in web development, I started by helping to strengthen those parts of their businesses. In each case, however, I saw how essential it was for all parts of these businesses to be strong. Great marketing or a robust website didn't come close to fixing weaknesses in other parts of the company.
It wasn’t until I began to work with the co-founder of EOS Worldwide that I realized how I could truly help my entrepreneurial friends to get what they want from their businesses. I lived inside an EOS-run small business for over four years, serving as the leader of marketing and technology. Following this I served in the Integrator seat for a small business to help them build and use all of the EOS tools in their organization. These experiences led me to become a full-time EOS Implementer.
I've experienced what it's like to build the EOS tools into an organization while running it. Living the EOS Life is a joy for me professionally and I've even implemented a few of the tools into the way that my wife and I are managing our home and raising 5 children. My passion is to help entrepreneurial teams live their ideal lives while growing their businesses.