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I graduated from college to become a teacher, not an entrepreneur, but it didn’t take me long to discover my passion for business and helping entrepreneurial teams work together to clarify and achieve their visions.

I began my journey as the owner of a startup that grew to 15 people and a strong market presence quickly. A larger company in the same market and industry purchased my business and later asked me to lead, manage and grow that team and business.

In the next 8 years, we progressed from 65 people to 235 people, 1 location to 6 locations, no leadership team to a solid 8 person team, no identifiable culture to a strong healthy culture and no shared vision to a compelling vision shared by all. Revenue increased over 400% and our bottom line, from -$54,000 to more than a million dollars. I then helped to structure a merger and buy-out of my two partners, doubling our business overnight and giving me a new business partner. 

Three years post-merger, a friend introduced me to Gino Wickman and he introduced me to EOS. Gino was the first EOS Implementer in the world. I became the second and his Integrator partner in co-founding a new company, EOS Worldwide. Our two-person team has grown into a strong community of over 390 highly trained implementers who have delivered more than 65,000 full day EOS sessions to more than 9,000 entrepreneurial teams. 

My growing passion is to help every entrepreneurial team to get the absolute best from their business by using this simple, proven system. If that’s what you want, let me help you take the first or next step in that direction. Click here to schedule a short intro call with me.



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Peter Beukema

Peter Beukema

Suburban Inns

"My dad started the business in 1979, and we were known for our quality and service. But as we grew and added more locations, things started to become cumbersome. We were a solid, strong company, but my brother and I felt a huge weight on our shoulders and we were both extremely stressed all the time.

At first, it felt like we didn’t have time to implement EOS, but we quickly realized that EOS was designed to help us make time for what was really important. Don warned us when we started the process - be careful what you wish for because it’s going to happen! He was right. If you change your behavior and follow the tools, what you dream of really will come true."

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Joe Cekola

Joe Cekola

Imperial Beverage

"Before we started implementing EOS with Don Tinney, there was a lot of chaos in our company, and we weren’t very clear about what we expected of people. Implementing EOS was not easy - we had to do a lot of soul-searching, and some long-term employees left because they weren’t committed to getting to the next level.

Luckily, the investment we made to develop a strong leadership team paid off - our culture has changed dramatically, and we’re much better at identifying and solving issues as a team. Without EOS, we would have continued to grow at a modest 5% rate, but with EOS we have consistently grown 20% or more every year. It was worth every penny!"

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Brian Pennings

Brian Pennings

Pennings & Sons

"We started implementing EOS during an ownership transition in our family business because we wanted to create a sustainable, viable company that would continue on to the next generation.

The EOS Process™ helped support our growth as we added new divisions, implemented new technology, and adapted to the changing housing market. Working with Don was time and money well spent - it was definitely worth the investment!"

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