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I’ve always been obsessed with business. While other kids played with Barbie dolls and Matchbox cars, I created imaginary companies in my basement and spent my allowance on office supplies.

I started my grownup entrepreneurial journey in 2002 when I founded The Whole Brain Group and grew it into a full-service inbound marketing agency with clients around the world. Ten years into my journey, I realized my company had “hit the ceiling,” and would not be able to scale without changing the way it was operating.

Marisa_400x255Within two years of implementing EOS® in my firm, I delegated day-to-day operations to my Integrator and took advantage of an extraordinary opportunity to become Director of Marketing for EOS WorldwideDuring my four years on the EOS Worldwide Leadership Team, I implemented a lead generation strategy that helped the company grow by more than 400%.

Ultimately, my passion for teaching people about EOS inspired me to become a Certified EOS Implementer® and dedicate myself to helping other entrepreneurs break through the ceiling, accelerate their growth, improve profitability, and have more fun!

In 2020, I also joined the Coaching Team at EOS Worldwide as the Detroit Regional Community Builder to train and mentor new members of our Professional EOS Implementer Community on their journey to mastery.

Now, I get to spend all of my time in my sweet spot - helping clients and colleagues live the EOS Life®!


What Marisa's Clients Are Saying

Jennifer Ferris

Jennifer Ferris

President, Federated Service Solutions

"The team at Federated Service had a vision for where we wanted to go as a company, but we were struggling to gain traction to get there. Accountability throughout the organization was difficult, and we just felt stuck.

By following this very calculated process we have been able to completely restructure our team, enforce accountability, and, finally have predictable growth. I’m positive that utilizing this process, we are ready for anything.

Marisa has been a critical part of this process, helping us along the way to focus on the real and most important issues and find barriers we didn’t know existed. I am so grateful for this process and for her as we continue on our journey."

Jim Richards

Jim Richards

CEO, Total Security Solutions

“Marisa’s guidance has been instrumental in our success with implementing EOS® at Total Security Solutions. Before we got started with EOS, the company was doing well, but I was becoming a bottleneck to our growth because I couldn’t add any more hours to the day.

After implementing EOS throughout the entire organization, we’re in a really great place. I have a strong leadership team aligned to our vision with clear accountability, our culture is stronger than ever, and I've gotten my life back!”

Scott Aubuchon

Scott Aubuchon

Co-Owner, Rejuv Ave

“Working with Marisa has become a necessity. It’s hard to get out of your own way and having an Implementer with real-world experience is extremely valuable. The way she is able to extract the real issues is worth every penny and hour spent. Her organization and ability to keep on track is one of her biggest strengths. I think we struck EOS gold with Marisa as our Implementer. 

We leave each session with not only a plan but a set of tools to execute the plan. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone operates a business without EOS and a Professional Implementer."

Anese Cavanaugh

Anese Cavanaugh

Creator of the IEP Method®

"With Marisa’s support, the EOS structure and tools, and a big moment to step back --  we were able to clarify roles and needs, hone in on the best way to create impact, re-work our business model, and better organize our plan.

The V/TO and the rocks have been transformative, focusing us in on a limited number of things we are committed to doing brilliantly. This has made saying NO to shiny things easier (I do love shiny things) and has freed up time, energy, resources, and brain and heart space -- ultimately helping us create more grounded impact.“

Jackie Victor

Jackie Victor

Founder, Avalon International Breads

“EOS and Marisa have been game-changers for our business. Although we have been in business 22 years, we never had a clear and consistent process for planning and implementation.

Marisa has been invaluable in leading us to create and execute short and long terms goals, as well as the right structure and expressed values to create the culture that we want. The icing on the cake is that our leadership team has grown to the next level as a team and individually.”

Michael Rickabaugh

Michael Rickabaugh

CEO, Livonia Tool & Laser

"Having Marisa’s help in implementing EOS has made a huge difference at Livonia Tool. Before we had the EOS tools in place daily operations were a bit chaotic and it was hard to maintain accountability. As we developed our accountability chart and held regular L10 meetings the chaos was replaced with order.

Prior to implementing EOS,  I could never truly take time off because I always worried that I wouldn’t have a company when I got back. Now I’m happy to say that I’m able to go on vacation and have confidence that my team has everything under control."

Melissa Kennedy, Meadowlark Builders

Melissa Kennedy

Integrator, Meadowlark Builders

"While the EOS system brilliantly connects all the pieces of the business puzzle, we would not be as far along as we are without Marisa's direction and guidance.  She facilitates difficult conversations and has the background and experience to guide our conversations, tell stories based on her past, and offer opinions and a healthy perspective.
This process has been revitalizing for our company: we now have clear accountability, goals, and processes that have allowed us to optimize our time and our resources.  Our culture and lifestyles are changing in ways that felt impossible just one year ago."


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Marisa delivers her sessions under the business entity Same Page Leadership, LLC which has been certified as a Women's Business Enterprise by WBENC.