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A Cancer That Can Kill Your Business

[fa icon="calendar"] July 22, 2016 at 4:00 AM / by Don Tinney

Don Tinney

Our current reality is that we all share the experience of cancer impacting someone we know. We understand the language of cancer: early detection and treatment, advanced stages, prognosis and survival rates. It is a serious and ominous topic for too many of us.

There are interesting parallels between cancer in a human body and cancer in an organization and it all has to do with what’s going on at our core. Just as corrupting cancer cells attack the healthy cells and core functions of the body, something just as cancerous attacks healthy team members and the core of our business. Serious damage will occur if we don’t detect and treat the cancer early.


What is core?

core.pngAuthentic core values discovered and nurtured, are essential to building a healthy business. Even with so much written about core values, most entrepreneurs don’t fully realize their power or how best to leverage them, so don’t stop reading. Without paying proper attention to our core health, toxic anti-values can embed and like a fast moving cancer, metastasize and kill our business. Even second and third generation businesses are not immune. So, let’s get serious about this and take steps to take care of your business at its core.

On a practical level, a core value is something you, the business founder, care about deeply. Your core values evoke a strong emotional response when someone does or doesn't care about it like you do. Simply put, if a value doesn’t make you react strongly it’s not core. If you don't get really angry when it is violated, it’s not core. A core value is something you are ready to go to war over. The opposite of a genuine core value, an anti-value, is something you recognize as hazardous to your core health; you address and remove it quickly.

Actions for this week

  • If you haven’t already done so, take time to discover your core values and test them to make sure they are truly core.
  • Be able to communicate them clearly (see the Speech, refer to pages 35-46 in Traction).
  • Take the list that you compiled from my last article and use the People Analyzer Tool to measure these people against your core values. Determine whom you will coach up or coach out.

Set some time aside this week to work through these action steps. Then watch for my next article explaining how to evaluate team members using GWC – Get it, Want it, Capacity to do it.

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Don Tinney

Written by Don Tinney

Gino Wickman was the EOS creator/founder and the first EOS Implementer in the world. Don was the second with now more than ten years of experience implementing EOS with business leadership teams across the United States and across several industries.