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A Non-Negotiable Vision

[fa icon="calendar"] December 2, 2014 at 8:00 AM / by Don Tinney

Don Tinney

Rise and ShineI was directed to a compelling video that conveys the essence of a “winning” mindset.  Click here to view the video.For me, the key statement in the video was:  "So just make sure this is something you want."


If you have not defined what you really want as an individual and organization, you are missing the energizing context for everything you do.  Be assured, challenges will come to test your resolve to achieve what you want – there will be tough moments and if your want isn’t strong enough, you will quit or settle for less.  That’s not what 87plus companies do.

All meaningful effort begins with clarity around what matters most.  Activity without meaning is just activity, so before venturing forward to do more stuff, answer this question individually and with your team:

What do you want badly enough to do whatever it takes to achieve it?  It must be non-negotiable.

Life’s too short.  Rise and shine – go do something you care about.

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Don Tinney

Written by Don Tinney

Gino Wickman was the EOS creator/founder and the first EOS Implementer in the world. Don was the second with now more than ten years of experience implementing EOS with business leadership teams across the United States and across several industries.