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Get Back in the Driver’s Seat

[fa icon="calendar"] March 4, 2020 at 12:30 PM / by Marisa Smith

Marisa Smith

I recently shared a 90-Minute Overview of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) with a leadership team that was deciding whether to work with me to implement EOS in their company. The team shared that they were frustrated with their current situation.

Despite growing consistently for the past several years, they felt like things were getting harder, not easier. People who used to be great for the business suddenly seemed to be struggling. Systems that had worked well for years suddenly seemed to be breaking down. Revenue was up, but profit wasn’t as high as they wanted it to be.
driver's seat

After presenting the EOS Tools™ and Process® to the team, I surveyed the room to see how they reacted to the content — and was surprised to see one person wiping away tears. Worried that I had upset her somehow, I asked if she was OK. “I’m just so relieved,” she said, “After hearing you paint a picture of what EOS can do for our company, I finally have hope that things can actually get better. When can we start?”

Is Your Business Controlling You?

All too often, entrepreneurs and leaders feel trapped by their businesses. The harder it gets, the harder they work, and the more isolated they feel. Some leaders retreat inside their own organizations — embarrassed to talk to others about how they are feeling, imagining that they are the only people in the world who have ever felt this way.

Others seek out peers who “get it” and can relate to their struggles — which can be comforting at first, but can also lead to normalizing the struggle as a necessary feature of the entrepreneurial life. Either way, too many leaders end up settling — letting their business control them, instead of taking control of their business.

What gave this business owner hope? During the 90-Minute Meeting, she was introduced to a process, tools, and common language that would put her back in the driver’s seat.

Take Control of Your Business

Following the EOS Process, teams learn how to take responsibility for their issues and recognize that they have the power to solve them. From the Vision/Traction Organizer™ to the Accountability Chart and Scorecard, every EOS tool we teach helps leaders to create clarity so they can maintain focus and drive results. Each quarter, we measure progress, celebrate success, learn from our mistakes, recommit to the vision, set new priorities, and remove obstacles standing in the way of achieving the vision.

Any company running on EOS will tell you that the system is simple, but the journey is not always easy. But when you’re in control, and you’re surrounded by people who are committed to a shared vision of success, it sure is a lot more enjoyable!

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Marisa Smith

Written by Marisa Smith

Armed with more than 15 years of entrepreneurial experience running her own company, Marisa works with clients as a Certified EOS Implementer™ to help simplify and systematize their businesses - creating more freedom and enjoyment for everyone!