The Background

In 2013, Total Security Solutions (TSS) was doing well. The Southeast Michigan manufacturing business had expanded their business by $2M that year, and the CEO and founding entrepreneur, Jim Richards, was grateful for his company’s progress. However, for all the success, Jim knew that he could only take Total Security Solutions so far on his own.

The business had the capacity to grow, but there was just too much work to go around. Moreover, Jim wasn’t able to get away for more than a couple of days because the daily operations depended on him too heavily. TSS had officially hit the ceiling.

The Challenges

Even though TSS had grown to a team of 25 people, so much of the business depended on Jim that he was effectively sitting in five of the company’s functional seats. If the business was going to grow, he needed a leadership team to share the work and help him solve issues. All of the company’s processes and institutional knowledge were locked away in Jim’s head, and it was impossible to keep up with training and onboarding as the hiring pace accelerated. And while the company’s growth potential was high, the sales, marketing, and manufacturing systems weren’t capable of driving or supporting the growth.

The Approach

Jim started working with Marisa in 2014 to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) at TSS. As the simple and practical tools were put in place, the leadership team took shape and Jim began to feel some relief from the pressure. Working together, the leadership team documented the company vision and began to get everyone in the organization on the same page.

Integrating their core values and vision into the hiring and onboarding process helped the TSS team find the right people and get them into the right seats. TSS also built a scalable marketing and sales machine designed to attract more target market customers, and systemized their production processes to keep up with increased demand.

Finally, working with greater intentionality and focus, the TSS team rolled out the EOS tools throughout the organization, and got everyone in the company operating in a 90-Day World™ - setting priorities, solving issues, and executing consistently.

The Result

After running on EOS for more than four years, Total Security Solutions has almost doubled in size - growing their revenue by $9M and adding more than 20 employees.


In 2017, they reached their 10-Year Target three years ahead of schedule and in 2019 they built and moved into a new facility to accommodate their larger team and production needs.

While Jim is still involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, he’s now able to take several vacations a year and has more freedom to pursue his other passions - hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family.



Jim_Richards“Marisa’s guidance has been instrumental in our success with implementing EOS® at Total Security Solutions. Before we got started with EOS, the company was doing well, but I was becoming a bottleneck to our growth because I couldn’t add any more hours to the day. After implementing EOS throughout the entire organization, we’re in a really great place. I have a strong leadership team aligned to our vision with clear accountability, our culture is stronger than ever, and I've gotten my life back!”

- Jim Richards, CEO at Total Security Solutions



Custom Bulletproof Barrier Manufacturer - Fowlerville, Michigan

Owner: Jim Richards

Started EOS Journey: 2014



Marisa Smith

Certified EOS Implementer