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EOS_Logomark_2016Since 2005, 87plus has been helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams get everything they want from their businesses. With over seventy years of combined experience as entrepreneurial business owners, we are passionate and ready to help your team implement EOS.





Don Tinney

Certified EOS Implementer

Gino Wickman was the EOS creator/founder and the first EOS Implementer in the world. Don was the second with now more than ten years of experience implementing EOS with business leadership teams across the United States and across several industries. 

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Marisa Smith

Certified EOS Implementer

Armed with more than 18 years of entrepreneurial experience running her own company, Marisa works with clients as a Certified EOS Implementer to help simplify and systematize their businesses - creating more freedom and enjoyment for everyone! 

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Catherine Juon

Professional EOS Implementer

Catherine developed a taste for entrepreneurship early in life, starting with selling Girl Scout cookies to get to horse camp every summer. As a professional, she grew and sold two marketing companies and was recognized in "Women of Internet Marketing” and "Michigan 50 Companies to Watch”. 

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David Sullivan

Professional EOS Implementer

While working in and alongside the leadership teams of 3 EOS-run businesses ranging from 5 to 500 employees, David has experienced first-hand what it's like to build the EOS tools into an organization while running it. Helping entrepreneurs master the EOS tools so they can live their ideal lives is his true calling and passion. Learn more about David >