What Our Clients Say About the 87plus Team

Scott Aubuchon

Scott Aubuchon

Rejuv Ave

“Working with Marisa has become a necessity. It’s hard to get out of your own way and having an Implementer with real-world experience is extremely valuable. The way Marisa is able to extract the real issues is worth every penny and hour spent. Her organization and ability to keep us on track is one of her biggest strengths. I think we struck EOS gold with Marisa as our Implementer!

I don’t know how we operated before the EOS system. The biggest thing that has changed is our ability to identify and solve issues. Far too often we fell into the trap of solving a symptom and not really identifying/solving the real issue. Now that we have become so much better at this process, nothing seems impossible.”

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Joe Cekola

Joe Cekola

Imperial Beverage

"Before we started implementing EOS with Don Tinney, there was a lot of chaos in our company, and we weren’t very clear about what we expected of people. Implementing EOS was not easy - we had to do a lot of soul-searching, and some long-term employees left because they weren’t committed to getting to the next level.

Luckily, the investment we made to develop a strong leadership team paid off - our culture has changed dramatically, and we’re much better at identifying and solving issues as a team. Without EOS, we would have continued to grow at a modest 5% rate, but with EOS we have consistently grown 20% or more every year. It was worth every penny!"

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Tiffany Habedank

Tiffany Habedank

Peyton's Learning Place

"Our company almost immediately gained traction after Catherine became our EOS Implementer™! Now my life has completely changed because our team is on the same page working towards common goals!

I absolutely love the Scorecard and how it has helped create accountability and focus for the leadership team."

Ryan Boender, Sackett's Flooring

Ryan Boender

Integrator at Sackett's Flooring

“Change isn’t an easy thing for any company, but David made implementing EOS for our company very straightforward and simple. He cares about the success of his clients and has always been available to help us whenever we needed him. I know David will be a life-long asset to our company as we continue to grow and master EOS.”

Michael Rickabaugh - Livonia Tool

Michael Rickabaugh

Livonia Tool & Laser

"Before we had the EOS tools in place daily operations were a bit chaotic and it was hard to maintain accountability. After defining and clarifying our core values we were able to evaluate if we had the right people in the right seats - whether or not they actually fit the business and our goals. As we developed our accountability chart and held regular L10 meetings the chaos was replaced with order.

Prior to implementing EOS,  I could never truly take time off because I always worried that I wouldn’t have a company when I got back. Now I’m happy to say that I’m able to go on vacation and have confidence that my team has everything under control."

Integrated Design, Inc.

Kit Dickinson & Sonja Parker

Integrated Design, Inc.

“Though we were a successful second stage company, Kit and I recognized that we needed greater accountability and awareness across the organization to take IDI to the next level. We all felt strongly that implementing EOS would provide the framework we needed to scale the company.
Having the regular rhythm of weekly Level 10 meetings where we look at our Scorecard and solve issues has really been impactful! We leave the L10 meetings energized and with purpose. We are getting more things done with efficiency and intention, and we have more awareness of our numbers. We are just starting to feel the velocity!”

Peter Beukema

Peter Beukema

Suburban Inns

"My dad started the business in 1979, and we were known for our quality and service. But as we grew and added more locations, things started to become cumbersome. We were a solid, strong company, but my brother and I felt a huge weight on our shoulders and we were both extremely stressed all the time.

At first, it felt like we didn’t have time to implement EOS, but we quickly realized that EOS was designed to help us make time for what was really important. Don warned us when we started the process - be careful what you wish for because it’s going to happen! He was right. If you change your behavior and follow the tools, what you dream of really will come true."

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Jim Richards

Jim Richards

Total Security Solutions

“Marisa’s guidance has been instrumental in our success with implementing EOS® at Total Security Solutions. Before we got started with EOS, the company was doing well, but I was becoming a bottleneck to our growth because I couldn’t add any more hours to the day.
After implementing EOS throughout the entire organization, we’re in a really great place. I have a strong leadership team aligned to our vision with clear accountability, our culture is stronger than ever, and I've gotten my life back!”

Jay Bowman - Kalamazoo Orthodontics

Dr. S. Jay Bowman

Kalamazoo Orthodontics

"Learning EOS from our Implementer, Don Tinney, has been a most rewarding and life-altering experience for our entire Kalamazoo Orthodontics team. Don’s instruction and guidance have allowed our team to actually organize and focus on all that we want to accomplish. We’ve learned to make better decisions, have meaningful meetings, and get real “traction” to reach the goals that we set for ourselves.

For us, EOS isn’t just about improving our business management, it’s also about making our professional lives better, and that has led to an ever-improving experience for our team and the patients we serve.  Definitely, smiles all around!"

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Jennifer Ferris - Federated Service

Jennifer Ferris

Federated Service Solutions

"The team at Federated Service had a vision for where we wanted to go as a company, but we were struggling to gain traction to get there. Accountability throughout the organization was difficult, and we just felt stuck.

By following this very calculated process we have been able to completely restructure our team, enforce accountability, and, finally have predictable growth. I’m positive that utilizing this process, we are ready for anything.

Marisa has been a critical part of this process, helping us along the way to focus on the real and most important issues and find barriers we didn’t know existed. I am so grateful for this process and for her as we continue on our journey."

Justin VanEffen, Halyard

Justin VanEffen

Integrator at Halyard

“David and EOS have been a major relief for me! I was burning the candle at both ends, using trial & error techniques to be everything to everyone. EOS has given us the framework for how things should function. David created a safe atmosphere of open, honest, blunt communication where everyone is accountable and functions for the greater good of the company. He’s helped me personally realize that letting go (of the vine) enables my team to increase their potential… and it even gives me a little time for myself and my family. THANKS DAVID!”

Brian Pennings

Brian Pennings

Pennings & Sons

"We started implementing EOS during an ownership transition in our family business because we wanted to create a sustainable, viable company that would continue on to the next generation.

The EOS Process™ helped support our growth as we added new divisions, implemented new technology, and adapted to the changing housing market. Working with Don was time and money well spent - it was definitely worth the investment!"

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Anese Cavanaugh

Creator of the IEP Method®

“Working with Marisa has been powerful. She has a knack for getting at the heart of things, clearing out the noise, and with laser-like focus, getting to the heart of the matter. 

With Marisa’s support, the EOS structure and tools, and a big moment to step back --  we were able to clarify roles and needs, hone in on the best way to create impact, re-work our business model, and better organize our plan. The V/TO and the rocks have been transformative, focusing us in on a limited number of things we are committed to doing brilliantly. This has made saying NO to shiny things easier (I do love shiny things) and has freed up time, energy, resources, and brain and heart space -- ultimately helping us create more grounded impact. “

Sue Thompson - Kalamazoo Orthodontics

Sue Thompson

Kalamazoo Orthodontics

"Working with Don and EOS has been so enlightening. Prior to implementing EOS our office had no accountability, which made for a very unhealthy environment. With Don's help as our Implementer, we were able to create a structure and culture within our business that sets us above the rest.

Now, our office is thriving! Having the EOS structure in place makes all decisions surrounding the business easier than ever before. It helps us to focus on what is the most important thing to us – building life-changing relationships. I would suggest that any business, small or large, can benefit from EOS."

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Jackie Victor

Jackie Victor

Avalon International Breads

“EOS and Marisa have been game-changers for our business. Although we have been in business 22 years, we never had a clear and consistent process for planning and implementation. Marisa has been invaluable in leading us to create and execute short- and long-term goals, as well as the right structure and expressed values to create the culture that we want. The icing on the cake is that our leadership team has grown to the next level as a team and individually. We now have weekly Level 10 meetings that are clear, effective and even fun!

As we prepare for our second year of EOS, we are starting to roll the process and tools out to our entire business in order to execute at every level. Marisa has been critical in helping us build a company that is sustainable and achieves our vision of greatness. Thank you Marisa and EOS!”

Kevin Cushing

Kevin Cushing

Alliance Franchise Brands

"Since beginning our EOS journey with Don, we have met or exceeded our financial goals and have become a more cohesive, accountable team.  Don is honest and caring in his approach and comes to each session well prepared, exposing us to new EOS tools to help our effectiveness as a team and our values to be more visible. There's no way you can embrace and implement the EOS system and not end up in a better place."

Brian Steensma

Brian Steensma

Steensma Lawn & Power Equipment

"Before starting to work with Don thirteen years ago, we were keeping our heads above water, but the business was running us….we were not running the business, at least not like we knew we could!

With Don’s help, we implemented EOS and we have not looked back. Our company now has a terrific meeting pulse, goals are clearly communicated and systematically worked on throughout the year, and our employees remain engaged. EOS is a critical piece of the success we have experienced over the last decade."